How to Change Name on Facebook?

Welcome, all of in another article related to problems of Facebook. Today I will tell you that How to Change Name on Facebook within 1 minute. So read the article carefully to the end.

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If you think that How to Change Name on Facebook in Android and Computer, don’t worry, I will tell you separately in each topic. So let’s start this.

How to Change Name on Facebook in a SmartPhone?

1. Sign in to Facebook

First of all, sign in to your Facebook account by entering your Username and Password.

Or you can open any web browser like Google Chrome and type on its address bar and login in with your username and Password.

2. Tap on the Menu

After the successfully sign in to your account then click on the three horizontal lines on the top of the right-hand side.

3. Select Settings

Then scroll down and select the setting option for changing your name on Facebook.

4. Tap on Personal Information

And here you will see all the settings. You have to tap on Personal Information which is on the top.

5. Tap on Name

After tapping on Personal Information tap on your name or edit option.

6. Edit your Facebook Name

Now edit or enter your new name for Facebook.

8. Enter your Password

And finally, enter your Facebook password and click on Save Changes.

Why can’t you change your name

  • You can change your name only in 60 days.
  • If your name does not match with your ID’s
  • Your Facebook name does not follow the Privacy policy like

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