How to Delete Google Gmail Account Permanently?

Why do you want to delete to your Gmail Account? You are worried about privacy concerns or something else. If you want to delete your Google Gmail Account permanently, then this article will help you.

So read this article to the end & delete your Gmail account within minutes. I am sure, after reading this article, you will surely get the solution to your problem.

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Before deleting your Gmail account please download data of your Gmail. Follow these steps and delete your Gmail account. So let’s start this

How to Delete Gmail Account Permanently

1. Sign in to your Gmail Account.

2. Then go to My Account.

How to Delete Google Gmail Account Permanently?

3. Click on the Data & Personalization menu.

4. Scroll down and click on the option Download, delete, or make a plan for your data

how to delete gmail account permanently

5. Select the option. Delete a service or your Account.

6. Tap on Delete a Google service option.

How to Delete Google Gmail Account Permanently?

7. Then enter your password for sign-in Google Account.

8. Click on Trash icon of Gmail.

How to Delete Google Gmail Account Permanently?

9. Enter another email address for how you sign in to Google Dialog box.

10. Click on Send verification email.

how to delete gmail account permanently

11. Then sign in to your another Email account & open the mail which is sent by Google.

12. Click on deletion link of Gmail.

13. If prompted, then log-in.

14. Select “Yes, I want to delete”

15. Click on Delete Gmail.

16. Finally, click on Done.

17. All done. Now your Gmail account is deleted.

What happens after deleting your Gmail account

You won’t be able to see your Inbox of your Gmail, Sent Mail, etc. And you will no longer to use your Gmail address to send or receive mail.

If you want to recover your deleted Google or Gmail account, then click here to know the steps.

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