How to Record Calls on Android Smartphone?

You want to record calls in your Android Smartphone. But you don’t know how to record it? Don’t worry, read this article carefully to the end and get the solution to your problem.

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I will tell you many methods for recording calls in your Android Smartphone. So let’s gets started.

Remember one thing before recording anyone calls In many countries without telling them recording calls is a punishable offense. So Record a call when it is necessary.

Record a Calls using Call Recorder App

First of all, you have to download & install the Call Recorder App from Google Play Store, or you can click here to download call recorder app.

Now Tap on Settings. From settings, you can enable or disable call recorder app. If you want to record only outgoing calls then tap on outgoing calls and if you want to record only incoming calls then tap on it.

The one more features of this app are you can exclude numbers it means those numbers will never be recorded from calls. And also you can set up a security PIN in this app.

The bad thing of the App is they show you Ad. And if you are not happy with the free version and don’t want to see the Ad, you can go to the Pro version.

The price of the Pro version is only Rs.330. In the pro version, you will get lots of features.

Call Recorder App is very popular for recording calls in Android SmartPhone. It has 10M+ downloads in the Google Play Store and rated as 4.3 out of 5 stars by its users.

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