How to Add or Remove Google Account from Android?

how to remove google account from android

If you want to remove your Google Account from an Android device, then this article will help you. So read the article carefully to the end and remove your account within seconds.

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I am sure after reading this article you will get the solution of your problem. So let’s gets started.

How to Remove Google Account from Android?

Follow these steps and remove your Google Account from Android device within seconds

1. Open your Phone Settings

First of all, open your Settings in your Android smartphone that looks like a bolt or you can search the settings in your phone.

2. Tap on Accounts

Once you have opened your Android Phone’s settings, then select Accounts option and Tap on it.

3. Click on Google

After tapping on Accounts here, you will see all of your accounts that is login in this device. Then click on Google.

4. Select the Google Account

Now select your Google account which you want to remove from this Android device or tap on it.

5. Tap on Remove Account

Tap on Remove Account to remove your Google Account from your device.

6. Confirm your Choice

Finally, confirm your choice by clicking on REMOVE ACCOUNT.

Note:- If your android smartphone is very old, then this process may vary.

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How to Add Google Account in Android?

1. Open your Phone Settings

Please open your phone’s settings app for adding a Google Account in it.

2. Tap on Accounts

Then tap on Accounts option or Users & Accounts.

3. Click on Add Account

In the Accounts section, scroll down and click on Add account option.

4. Select Google

Then tap on Google for adding account in your Android Smartphone.

5. Enter Email Address

Enter your Email address or phone number for sign up and click on next.

6. Enter Password

Finally, enter your password of Google account and click on next. All done.

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